Center a frame in Libreoffice

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Center a frame in Libreoffice

Post by lmuserx4849 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:01 pm

Anyone know how to center a frame in Libreoffice?

1. I inserted a frame
2. Right click, Anchor > As Character
3. I inserted an image in the frame
4. Right click, Anchor > As Character
5. Insert Caption

I use "As Character", because trying to solve another problem, it seems "As Character" or "To Character" prevent some weirdness with image placement. But, it also seems to take away horizontal centering. Also, right clicking the frame, I see that AutoSize is checked. I would think that the frame should hung the image, but it doesn't. I opened up one of the official Libreoffice writer docs and I swear I'm doing the exact same thing they are doing on frames and images, but I can't get my centered.

Example: ... on/writer/, Page 30, Left & Right end of Status bar.

Update: I think I might have figured this out by turning on paragraph markers and being really careful of what was selected. I kept right clicking and looking properties, and Horizontal Positioning is grayed out.

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Re: Center a frame in Libreoffice

Post by lsemmens » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:52 am

Just tried it in Writer and it was automatically centred.

I selected <Insert><Frame><Floating Frame> selected the picture gave it a title and it was nicely centred on the page.
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Re: Center a frame in Libreoffice [Solved]

Post by lmuserx4849 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:02 pm

I wasn't sure what type of frame to enter :-) I just went with Frame. It didn't center. I have never used a frame before, but the example I was looking at created a frame around an image with a caption. I suppose it keeps everything together. My docs have been pretty simple in the past --- formatting paragraphs as needed and maybe using a heading or two. I made a promise to myself I would dig deeper this year. I finally got it to center, but it was tricky (easier now that I know :-)). I had to slowly and carefully click on the right thing and I saw center horizontally on the tool bar.

Styles are really cool, but which comes first, the style or the document content. I ended up using F11 (Manage Style) and Load Style from an external document.

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