Odd behavior with Nemo when connect to remote server

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Odd behavior with Nemo when connect to remote server

Post by kromint » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:50 pm

I've had a VPS for years but haven't used it for quite some time. Today, I decided to do something with it. So, I used the "Connect to server" option in Nemo and selected SSH, entered my login credentials, etc.

The first thing I noticed is that Nemo showed file/folder owners and groups as numeric UIDs instead of the "friendly" names that I'm pretty sure it used to show (or perhaps it was with Nautilus long ago that I saw that?).

Next, I used the Nemo right-click option of "Open in terminal" on the remote VPS. I expected to see the usual prompt I remembered but instead I saw something like this:

LocalMe@Local-desktop /run/user/1000/gvfs/sftp:host=MyVPS.com,user=admin/home/admin/public_html/cgi-bin $

There, I used the list files command, ls -l, and things got really weird. It should have shown the owner and group for the remote files as "admin" but instead if showed "LocalMe" (my username on my local machine). Looking at Nemo, I could see that the numeric UID of both "LocalMe" (local PC) and "admin" (remote PC) are the same, so it was like Nemo just checked with my local linux (Mint) and used the "friendly" name that matched the UID instead of retrieving the matching name from the VPS.

I opened an SSH session in terminal via command line, as "ssh MyVPS.com" and entered my login and got the familiar prompt. "admin@MyVPS.com". There, when I typed "ls -l" the file llst showed the correct (remote) file owner and groups ("admin").

I'm completely stumped about what's going on. Why does opening a remote terminal via Nemo present this odd prompt and misleading file information but opening the remote session via the command line works like it always did?

I find this makes remote work confusing. Seeing the "wrong" names (from my local PC) as the owner/group in the remote file lists makes me crazy.
Is there any way to make Nemo open a normal SSH remote terminal instead of whatever it is doing? Is there any other file manager that actually gets the correct remote owner/group names instead of numeric UIDs? And that can open an SSH terminal session in the selected directory (easier than navigating to it via "cd")?

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