Mint keeps undoing settings, and now won't read SSD data partition

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Mint keeps undoing settings, and now won't read SSD data partition

Post by Gerstacker » Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:13 pm

Dear friends,

ever since formatting my laptop with Linux Mint Cinnamon on 4.3.2018 it has already undone settings I have changed twice, in this case I am referring specifically to:

1. On File Manager I have set "list view" once, it lasted about a week, then was undone, so I set it again, this time under /root by going terminal and typing sudo or whatever, and again it lasted about a week, and now I've just started the machine and it is in "icon view" again.

2. On qBittorrent I have put the settings for where the downloads are supposed to go, and for the program to save partially downloaded files in a "temp" folder, among other settings, once, then these were undone, so I set them again with root privileges via terminal, and just now I opened the program and it placed a number of torrents which I had already downloaded back on the list.

I am now also, when I open the File Manager, unable to access the partition where I keep my data, and only the "home" or "/root" partition.


Rebooted and now I can access my data again...PHEW!!! Gotta say though, is this sort of thing normal in Linux Mint Land?

Other odd occurrences that I can report before this were that twice during these last two and a bit weeks since format while booting the screen went black and didn't load up the OS.

Also when I first connected it to the projector (USB-C -> HDMI) it was OK straightaway but now I always need to reboot the machine before the projector establishes the connection properly.

Thankful in advance for any help you may be able to give me,


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Re: Mint keeps undoing settings, and now won't read SSD data partition

Post by administrollaattori » Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:43 pm

What tells terminal-commands

Code: Select all


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find $HOME ! -user $USER -type f

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