Finally just dbanned MS.............. now I'm behind

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Finally just dbanned MS.............. now I'm behind

Postby Stocky » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:05 pm

Yup. Played with a bunch of distro's over the last 7 or 8 years...
Never got deep into it... wanted something simple.. that worked as they say...
So I had an old VAIO lying around... cleaned it out and installed a copy of Cassandra that I'd burned... what.. 2 years ago???
I'm playing with only 13G hd,
and way up to 258 ram...
But... Mint installed "perfectly"... I mean not a single glitch...
Copied cd's , watched a dvd movie... went on line instantly.... INSANE!
My fault... i know that...
I use open office... everything crawls to a hault...
I'd love any suggestions on wether i can delete OO and maybe use something less ponderous...
or any hints on how to lighten this up
or is there a smaller mint that runs as well...
don't need fancy apps...

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Re: Finally just dbanned MS.............. now I'm behind

Postby exploder » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:21 pm

The LinuxMint Felicia Fluxbox CE should run great on that hardware. The Felicia version was built with an install routine that will easily load on that hardware and it has lighter applications.

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Re: Finally just dbanned MS.............. now I'm behind

Postby Stocky » Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:09 am

I'll do it.
Crossing my fingers that it will be as straitforward,
I didn't mention this... this Vaio, that I'm using right now btw, was in great shape. In it's time it cost $2500, and was loaded with lots of friggin software.. used by a huge Pub.Rel. firm... that usually used MAC... that might be why the lappy got no use... but they loaded it up with fancy graphic and business software... and much more...
I wanted to get around to figuring much of it out... even old sometimes has use...
But man, I was so frign off on ms..I just took an old copy of Gparted, and blew it all to hell.
Good riddens... so now I'm "Diving" in to Linux... I'm treading water... but I got time... and I'll be swimming in a couple of weeks i bet... even with this mad-cow that i got. :twisted:
This cassandra also found my 2 usb ports and instantly allowed use of 2G flashers, so probably larger as well... before ms2000 couldn't recognize anything larger then friggin 256! Shoot, you can't find stuff that small anymore.

One favor please... would you check out the way I stumbled while partitioning my drive, and maybe give me an idea or two about how i should/might redistribute, and label, it for the new
Felecia Flux CE I'll be putting in?

And I'm gonna use this lappy for mainly writing(lots), communication, research, very little graphic or photo, but would like to listen to radio on line... (use that V?? software... forget name but three letters V-- ?) Would like a decent... DB, and WP pkg, but OO i think is just too big.
And I'm using PersonalBrain right now.. for GTD with mindmapping (project) stuff... fab fab free program... I'm hoping I'll find something similar, though prob smaller by necessty.

Any software suggestions greatly (!!!) appreciated? And when downloading apps from repoz, I'll see... say... 3 choices for.. say.. 7Zip... how do I know which one to use??

Here's my current hard drive setup...

New Note 6

Vaio pcg-f650 Specs
I upped it from 64 to 256

Mint Menu 2.2

ptn file sys MtPt size used un flags

/dev/hda1 ext2 / 3.13g 2.09g 1.03g
/dev/hda2 linux swap 1.07g ---- ----
/dev/hda3 reiserfs /media/hda3 7.04g 32.34mb 7.01g

fujitsu mhk2120at
size 11.24g
dskLblTyp msdos
heads 255
sectrTrck 63
Cylinders 1467
totlSctrs 23567355

Computer: has 4 items listed
floppy drive cd-rom/dvd-rom 7.0 gb volume:hda3 fileSystem

File system icon right click Properties
contents 116544 items ttl 2.2GB
location /

Nautilus 2.18.1

Communication controller: Conexant HSF 56k Data/Fax Modem (Mob WorldW SmartDAA) (rev 01) ...

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility P/M AGP ... ??

Your hardware does not need any restricted drivers

I'm really sorry for the length of all this... i feel piggish... but i hate coming bak and asking more ques I'd forgtn to ask earlier.
Thanks lots,

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