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Little Timeshift Question

Post by dunome »

Hello !

I have a question about Timeshift, the snapshot backup piece of software. Does it save "packages state" ?

For exemple :
  • I take a snapshot
  • I uninstall a package (let's call it 'X')
  • I realise that uninstalling X have ruined my system...
  • ... so I decide to "use" the snapshot I took
  • Is X installed now, or it is uninstalled for good ?
Thanks :)
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Re: Little Timeshift Question

Post by Mattyboy »

Its my understanding that anything that was in a snapshot at the time is was created will be restored, that works both ways, anything you installed/edited in /root after it was created will be gone. ( top tip, keep a copy of any /root config files in /home that you may have edited yourself. )
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Re: Little Timeshift Question

Post by slipstick »

Timeshift will restore all files and folders to the state they were in at the time the snapshot was made, so if X was installed at that time, it will be installed after the restoration. All files and folders which had been added or modified as a result of installing X will be restored to the same state they were in before X was uninstalled, except for hidden configuration files and folders in your "home", if you did not tell TimeShift to save them.
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