Timeshift: cannot select RAID (/md0) for snapshots.

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Timeshift: cannot select RAID (/md0) for snapshots.

Post by lazarus » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:42 am

LM18.3x64 Cinnamon

I have a working mdadm RAID10 array (/dev/md0, ext4 fs) containing several disks, mounted @ /mnt/data.

My system disk is partitioned with / /home & /spare. (Had meant to leave /spare unformatted 'til I was happy with the sizes of / & /home but... [shrug])

/spare is temporarily mounted @ /mnt/spare.

I want the Timeshift snapshots saved on the RAID (ie. in /mnt/data) using rsync, but on selecting Timeshift's settings/location it's not an option.

Instead I'm presented with a list of the individual drives that comprise the RAID array and the system disk but ONLY the system disk shows a tree with selectable partitions /sdc[3-5]

Trying to select one of the HDDs that make up the array shows an alert: "Selected device does not have linux partition."

For now I'm using /dev/sdc5 (/mnt/spare) but that partition is earmarked for deleting.... so how do I get it to save to /md0??

- Andy

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