Okular can't open .cbz files

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Okular can't open .cbz files

Post by FUD » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:27 pm

I am running Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 x64.
I have Okular installed and have it as my default application for .cbr and .cbz (comic) files.
Everything has worked great until yesterday.
When trying to open .cbz files, I get "could not find plugin which was is able to handle the document passed".

I have tried the following :
1) Uninstalled and reinstalled Okular.
2) Used Synaptic to completely uninstall and reinstall Okular
3) Installed kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins, oxygen-icon-theme
4) Installed okular-extra-backend, okular-mobile
5) Cursing
6) Searched the internet hi and low for a solution.

In an off the wall idea, I renamed the file to .cbr and lo and behold Okular opened it fine. Now, these files are definitely zip format, and not rar. (.cbz is simply a zip file that has it's extension changed, and .cbr are rar files).

Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Okular can't open .cbz files

Post by trytip » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:49 pm

in mint cinnamon the xreader should work. don't have any .cbz but opens .cbr

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