Radio streaming problems in Gloria

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Radio streaming problems in Gloria

Postby aland » Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:09 am

Hi - I have just installed Gloria and am trying to listen to the radio through either Firefox or Opera.Everything goes well until the connection is made and then the download goes into cache instead of just creating a buffer and playing.
In Ubuntu everything works, I just get the download creating a buffer and then the radio starts to play within seconds.
I am sure that it will just be a setting behind the scenes but I cant see where to change things.

Any advise much appreciated - apart from this Gloria looks like the best I have tried up to now.



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Re: Radio streaming problems in Gloria

Postby Husse » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:05 am

I don't really understand what you mean by the download goes into cache
Anyways it's obvious it does not work
Had it only been in Firefox I'd say you should check the settings
What happens if you copy the URL of some radio station and use this in Totem? (Movie player)
Try that and if it works we know that it has to do with the browsers - and if not we know there's a major problem
This could be a proxy or firewall problem, check that
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it

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