Tigervnc x0vncserver?

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Tigervnc x0vncserver?

Post by turboscrew » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:03 pm

I was about to try TigerVNC between two Mint machines. The server end machine is running Mint 19.
So I installed TigerVNC fron the repo, but I can't find x0vncserver.

The idea is to give my mom the machine with the server to be able to help her if (when ;-) ) she has problems.
To be able to do that, I think I need access to the currently running X.
Since there is 150km distance, there needs to be some kind of crypted connection, so I thought TigerVNC might be a good option.
X11vnc seemed to be hard to set up, because it didn't accept its own certificates (too weak crypto).

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