problem with closing plasma-widgets

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problem with closing plasma-widgets

Postby illumis » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:44 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm just using mint (KDE-CE Felicia) for 2 months and never booted my windows since then (=
But as newbie I've just some problems, most annoying this one:
(I searched the forum for this, but found now thread consisting already. please forgive if there is already a thread for this & show me the way to it, or, shift it in the KDE-forum if necessary)

on my plasma there are 14 widgets I don't want anymore (for example 3 k-menus), but can't remove. I can close them by clicking on the (x) appearing on the site-panels, and also I can close them by removing them in the "add widgets"-menu in the upper right corner, BUT, everytime I restart my laptop, they're there again. :cry:

(ps.: I added then when I had a very important speech, did some wrong clicks in the nvidia server settings and got some resolution-problems, then closed by mistake my program panel and added in a fever of excitement some widgets...)

can anybody help me, please?
thank you. Illumis

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Re: problem with closing plasma-widgets

Postby DrHu » Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:30 pm

I would run through a tutorial/guide/tour and see if you can spot something related to what you need to do..

I haven't been using kde 4x for a bit, and I also found some of the plasma behaviors disconcerting, but hopefully improving with each release.. ... art-1.html

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