experience with double byte languages (japanese, Chinese, Korean etc)

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experience with double byte languages (japanese, Chinese, Korean etc)

Post by 52ROSt » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:41 am

The discussion in thread
came to the point where it would be interesting see who made which experience with which writing method

System: LM 17.3 KDE and LM 19 Cinnamon with KDE installation on top
Double byte language in use: only Japanese
Keyboard used: Japanese keyboard with 全角/半角 (Zenkaku/Hankaku) key. (If this is not available another key combination can be used. IBUS proposes such a key combination.)

IBUS Anthy
- Set up is easy
- Icons for Latin or double byte characters good be seen
- Conversion into Japanese character basically good I only found in LM 17.3 a few words which could be better. LM 19.0 not yet really used.

fctix which comes in LM 19 Cinnamon
- I could not get ir running
- It appears that it combines with mozc

- Could not get it running
- Icons for Latin or double byte character too small

In my LM 19 installation I purged fctix and mozc at the end.
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Re: experience with double byte languages (japanese, Chinese, Korean etc)

Post by arvY99 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:41 am

LM18.3 mate here,

fctix for the Japanese input.
Installed it when LM18.3 came out: was fine, was working as expected, easy to change the input by a single click on the icon.
Installed it recently (maybe one month ago): the default icon appears as a penguin, not the keyboard; sometimes have to click a couple of times on the icon for something to happen, often stuck with 'Online help!' only when right-clicking (=other menu items do not show up anymore)...

When I first installed it, the kernal was 4.4, it changed to 4.15 during the recent installation with the very same hardware. fctix is also coming with more files compare to the initial installation. Don't know when the additional files where added.

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