Cinnamon Tara scanner mystery

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Cinnamon Tara scanner mystery

Post by Catwoman » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:11 pm


I’ve been on Linux for quite some time now and I have decided to get rid of Windows for good. For that I had to reinstall my two computers. First, the old one (early 2007 Intel Pentium dual CPU E2180 @ 2 GHz x 2, bought without any exploitation system on it); dual boot at the time with Linux and Windows XP on two separates internal HD. Last week, I’ve installed Linux Mint Tara Cinnamon 64 bits from a USB bootable device and everything went well except for the grub install problem witch I’ve solved with boot-repair (on a usb bootable). My printer load up easily by itself (Samsung ML-1665) and my flatbed scanner too (CanoScan N656U)... Everything is fine except the computer is slower than the other one but I love the new Linux version....
Old computer.png
For the second computer now (Dell Inspiron 660, bought in 2012 with Windows 7 on it, Intel core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.3 Ghz x2). The same ISO bootable USB was used and I’ve had some issues with the booting but changes made in the bios work for me (disabling secure boot). As for the old one, the printer loaded itself just fine but the scanner didn’t and I frankly don’t know why. As mentioned by others on the forum, I have made a lsusb command and I can see it but when I open Simple scan or Xsane... the scan name takes forever to appear and after that when I hit the scan button, all I have it and Error I/O message... hum.... I even try to reinstalling Tara, simple-Scan and X-Sane many time without any success...
Linux part.png
Therefore, I am wondering where the problem could be since the two computers are equipped with the same Linux version and everything went fine on the old one. I’ve read about back-ends, Sane Plustek etc, but with the old having recognize it as soon as it was plugged in, I don’t think that is where the problem is. Any ideas? Thank you.

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