"Structure needs cleaning" error

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"Structure needs cleaning" error

Post by Vera »

Please note: I'm not familiar with Linux terminal/command line.

On an external hard drive, I have a 9TB VeraCrypt encrypted file container (which uses the Ext4 file system), as a standard volume, not hidden.
Unfortunately I forgot that when I first made this containter, on the "Cross-Platform Support" prompt, I selected the option titled "I will mount the volume only on Linux".

The other day I wanted to access the file container on my Macbook, so in Mac OSX I installed extFS to be able to read the volume's Ext4 file system, and also intalled VeraCrypt, which first required installing OSXFUSE. Then when I tried to mount the file container in OSX, the MacBook spontaneously restarted.

Now when I mount the file container from Linux Mint, and I try to open the root folder in the volume, I get a message saying:

The folder contents could not be displayed.
Sorry, could not display the contents of "folder": Error when getting information for file "/media/veracrypt2/Red 10TB/file": Structure needs cleaning

Any clue how I could recover the files?

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