How to change file browser layout to thumbnail view when uploading from a web browser

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How to change file browser layout to thumbnail view when uploading from a web browser

Post by graynada »

MATE 19.0 64-bit

I am not sure if this is the right section for this question but it seems the best fit.

My other half would dearly like to make the move from Windows 10 to Linux Mint but there is one particular issue that is preventing her doing so, and try as I might I have been unable to resolve it thus far. She uses her laptop for her work selling clothing via a well know auction site. This involves creating sometimes hundreds of listings a day. The issue she has had when trying Mint previously is that when uploading pictures the default ‘upload file browser’ that opens shows files in a list view with very tiny thumbnails. When attempting to pick 4 or 5 pictures with abstract file names from a folder containing many hundreds of images this is impractical and a deal breaker. The Windows machine shows them as reasonable size thumbnails in comparison.

There does not seem any way to reconfigure the default upload file browser to no avail. I know that if I right click in the upload file browser I can select use file manager I get thumbnails that way but that is an extra step for every image on every listing.

The ‘upload file browser’ for want of a better name is identical whatever web browser I use and whatever main file browser I have install and as default, so seems embedded in the base Mint (MATE?) system. I have tried settings within various web browsers but this has no effect.

I am currently running Mint 19.0 MATE 64-bit but I have seen this behaviour in other versions of Mint I have tried thus far.

I don’t think this is web browser dependent fix but I would like a solution that works on Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi.

And I expect a few may think well why not just name the pictures better and sort in to folders, but there is an overhead there that would make the move a nonstarter, being easier to stick with what she has.
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