Basic CAD Drawing Program

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Re: Basic CAD Drawing Program

Post by kyphi »

Re SweetHome3D:
After unpacking the tar bundle, if you want to move the unpacked directory to /opt, then, if it is in Downloads use the following commands followed by Enter in a terminal:

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cd Downloads
sudo mv SweetHome3D-6.1.2 /opt/
You can create an icon collection in your Home directory. I keep all my icons in a directory called Icons.
The icon is in the SweetHome3D directory, called "SweetHome3DIcon.png," right click on it and select "Copy" and then paste it into your icon collection.

Right click on the menu on your panel and select "Configure" then click on Menu, followed by "Open the menu editor". Assuming that you would like this program in "Graphics", left click on Graphics and select "New Item" on the right - the Launcher Properties screen will appear. Give the name as SweetHome3D, type in the command field /opt/SweetHome3D-6.1.2/SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2 and for Comment type in "Interior design" (or whatever takes your fancy).

Next, left click on the red rocket, left click on Browse and go to the directory where you have placed the SweetHome3D icon. Click on "Open" and then confirm that you want to use that icon.

Now the program is in your menu and can be triggered via an icon. Enjoy.

There are instructions provided on the SweetHome3D website but these seem quite convoluted. The method I have outlined will get you to the same place with a minimum of fuss. To avoid typos, I suggest that you copy and paste the relevant commands.
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Re: Basic CAD Drawing Program

Post by Bob M »

Thanks kyphi,

Sorry I’ve been so long getting back on this one but I can advise that she is up and running. Even a Desktop Icon. :D

Now to actually work out how to use it. :?
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