Getting a newer less

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Getting a newer less

Post by matm »


With Mint 19.1, we get less v487, which cam from bionic (18.04LTS) which itself came from buster/sid.
I would like to get the v530, which is the next one, because of this fix.

What is the best way ?
I thought about:
- building it
- finding a .deb or ppa with it (did not succeed so far)

Any hint is welcome

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Re: Getting a newer less

Post by xenopeek »

Building it from source probably.

To make that easier start with this tutorial viewtopic.php?f=42&t=178574, follow all preparations steps and then from the recompiling steps ONLY follow step 4 and skip all the others. That will install the compiler toolchain you need and (likely) all the build dependencies needed to be able to compile less.

Next also install the package checkinstall. This will make it more convenient to install less.

Then download the less source code for the version you want from, extract it somewhere, go into the extracted directory and open a terminal there, then run these commands one at a time:

Code: Select all

sudo checkinstall
That is as per the INSTALL document's instructions for how to build and install less with exception that I've replaced the 'make install' command with 'sudo checkinstall' as the former will write files directly to system directories (don't want that) while the latter runs the same command by packages the files first into a package and then uses your system's package manager to install it. By using checkinstall you can also remove/replace/upgrade the less package easily later.
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Re: Getting a newer less

Post by gm10 »

xenopeek wrote:
Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:29 am
To make that easier start with this tutorial viewtopic.php?f=42&t=178574
Actually for updating existing packages I find it easiest to just copy over the ./debian/ from the existing package's source and then sudo dpkg-buildpackage --no-sign. At least in cases like this where the structure remains unchanged. That way you're sure that you're not conflicting whatever modifications the maintainer may have made, plus you retain the package meta-data.

Since there are useful changes in that version I built it for myself that way on LM19.1 (changelog updated, rest left as is, if anyone wants see attached, but since this is an easy build might as well get your feet wet on this one and try to build your own).
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