Apps, where are they?

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Apps, where are they?

Postby Nigalius » Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:55 am


I am a veteran of 2 days on Mint and although I have learnt a lot, Jeez, there is so much more to learn. My latest problem is finding an app that I have downloaded. I have gone to 'Software Manager' and downloaded 'Stellarium' and that was no problem. But my problem is this... I have also gone to 'Package Manager' and downloaded 'Morse' under the amateur radio heading. I cannot now find the proggy so that I can run it. I re-installed and still cannot find it. I then go back to Package Manager and scroll down to 'Morse' and although not highlighted the little square to the left of the app is grey where the others are white. Also it shows that I have an installed version and that is the same as the latest version so I am confident that somewhere on my computer is the app. However, I cannot find it. I have clicked on my home folder and the Computer folder both on the desktop and no joy. I have also clicked menu and looked there, including checking 'All Applications', still no joy. Is there a specific folder that all downloaded apps go to when downloaded and if so where can I find it? When I have found it I would like to make a shortcut if poss and put it into a folder that I will create for that purpose on the desktop. It appears that the previous thread has had this problem too and I tried relating that to my problem but had no success. I am sorry that I have to ask these questions but being so used to Windows for so many years the change is going to have me foxed for some time yet and I hope I can get help on this forum for some time yet.

Thank You


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Re: Apps, where are they?

Postby clhodapp » Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:41 am

Morse is a command line program. Open a terminal, type "morse", and press enter. It will print out a basic readout of its functionalities.

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Re: Apps, where are they?

Postby markcynt » Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:46 am

Try running it from a terminal.

Edit: Looks like you beat me clhodapp. :)
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