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Post by JoHubb » Mon May 27, 2019 11:33 am

Asset is a DLNA compatible audio server designed for high quality reproduction through in my case a Linn Majik DSM.
I have used Asset in Windows but now want to try it in Linux Mint - I am trying very hard to abandon Windows completely.

AssetUPnP is available for Debian. I cannot find it using Software Manager or Package Manager, I downloaded the a 64 bit tar.gz file from

I need advice on how to install this. Linn does provide a guide (below) but I got lost at the point where it says to extract it
Create a folder for Asset:

Code: Select all

cd /usr/bin
sudo mkdir asset
sudo chmod 777 asset
cd asset
Download asset (32 bit), free version:
wget ... x86.tar.gz

or 64 bit:
wget ... x64.tar.gz

extract it:

tar -zxvf *.gz
rm *.gz

Run Asset:

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cd /usr/bin/asset/Asset-R6-Linux-x64-registered/bin
Once running it will show Presentation URL type this into a web browser on any computer on the same network, example:

Then click 'configure' to specify the options.
Even the first part did not seem to produce an Asset folder.

I suppose I could run Asset in a Win 10 VB or even via Wine. But if there is a way to run it in Linux, I'd prefer to do that.

I'd be grateful for advice.

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