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Re: Thunderbird authentication

Post by siawacsh »

I am noticing the disadvantages of imap as I have already lost an important email due to creating and removing client. With imap every time deleting something causes the corresponding back copy on the server to also be deleted.
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Re: Thunderbird authentication

Post by Tonydamo »

I have been going nuts for 3 days searching this is how I fixed it. I found this video and everything is working. Thank GOD! You need to have a working gmail on Thunderbird on another system in order for this to work. That's what was driving me crazy that I just installed 19.2 mint on an imac and imap on gmail would not work was getting all the same BS messages you are experiencing. Meanwhile on my macbook pro single boot with 19.2 all was working just fine. I have 4 more laptops (pc's) running 18.2 & 18.3 and they were working just fine. Here is the youtube video that saved me from days or weeks to make this work.

Title of Video Just in-case
Manually Backup and Restore Emails, Profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird On Ubuntu 14.04 | 15.04
Please let me know if this worked for you!!
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Re: Thunderbird authentication

Post by IrwinElectronics »

To all having trouble connecting to Gmail: Apparently Google changed their auth once again, and broke older versions of Thunderbird. The current version in Linux Mint is 60.9.0. The version direct from is 68.2.2. I have verified the latest version of Thunderbird resolves the problem.
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