<SOLVED> Steam Icon Keeps Disappearing!

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<SOLVED> Steam Icon Keeps Disappearing!

Post by gregory_opera » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:43 pm

I installed (the latest version of) Steam on a "fresh" copy Linux Mint 19.2 ("Tina"), but every time I restart my computer, the icon disappears from the Cinnamon menu!

In order to fix the issue, I "purged" Steam from my computer, restarted and re-installed Steam from scratch... Everything worked fine until I restarted, then boom - the icon is missing again!

Steam will launch if I run it via the respective "Terminal" command:

Code: Select all

Any ideas?


Never mind.

If I manually created an item for Steam in the Menu (right-click the Menu-->Configure...-->Menu-->Open the menu editor-->category (e.g. "Games")-->New Item), it seems to "stick" between restarts (of my computer)...

The "Name" field is whatever you want it to be, the "Command" field is "steam" and if you click the icon, you can pick whatever icon you want (the actual "Steam" icon should be in there, if you want to stick with that).

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