Font shows as italics when emailing to OS X users

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Font shows as italics when emailing to OS X users

Post by Netherprovinc3 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:26 pm

I haven't tested over much of a sample size but it seems that when someone using OS X received my email, the font appears to be in italics and I did not have any such formatting when I composed the message. I am sending the emails using a web browser. I don't have any font selected when I compose the message (font type and size), so I'm not sure what font and size is used. The email server uses Smartermail Enterprise 15.7 (seems to be a Windows program, so must be running on a Windows server).

I know that there are some difficulties in fonts looking as they should when emailing recipients that use other operating systems. My bigger goal here is for the fonts to look reasonably "conservative" to people on other operating systems.

I am using Brave web browser.

I can test more but I am not sure what operating systems/ software would be likely culprits. I don't have any kind of access to the mail server itself (except as a user with an email account).
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Re: Font shows as italics when emailing to OS X users

Post by experimenter » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:25 am

If its only the mac machine that has italicized fonts then its the settings of the web interface or the browser that is responsible. On webmail you do not always have the control how your mail will appear on the other side unless you use HTML format and the receiving party allows your formatting to be preserved. Appearance of plain text mails are always upto the web interface or the receiver's customisations.

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