Egads....what a fool...

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Egads....what a fool...

Post by Arch_Enemy »

There are some programs I like to compile on my own machine. Some of them are available as packages, but sometimes they don't run correctly or are missing all the features, and sometimes it's just not available for Ubuntu or Mint.

I usually use the Public folder to untar and build in, but I noticed one called "Templates" and decided that was just as good. So I started untarring the files there and building them.

After a while Caja started getting slow. Since I had Mint and Arch both installed, and running under Bedrock, I figured the fault came somewhere from there. So, I'd just wait for Caja to settle, then untar another package and build it in the same directory.

Caja began chewing up 95% of my CPU time! This had happened a few years ago because of the thumbnails folder, so I figured it was just another glitch.

THEN I found out what the Templates folder was. For those that don't know, you use it to store 'dummy' files in of things you save on a regular basis, like .XLS files or .doc, etc. Then they become a 'right-click' feature in the "Save As" context. So as I'm filling the Templates folder with THOUSANDS of file, Caja had to sift through them all when called.

Never do that again.... :shock:
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One thing I would suggest, create a partition a ~28G partition as /. Partition the rest as /Home.
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Re: Egads....what a fool...

Post by LanceM »

As root I delete that Templates folder. No idea what it's for.
That's a wicked looking avitar. Does it refer to archlinux :?:
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