xed - print preview landscape

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xed - print preview landscape

Post by AndyMH » Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:43 pm

Messing around with xed I have managed to screw up print preview, this is what it looks like with it set to landscape:
Screenshot from 2019-10-12 18-31-54.png
it does print in landscape okay. I'm not convinced that print preview in portrait is correct either but at least the text is the right way round.

Same thing in gedit, all okay:
Screenshot from 2019-10-12 18-29-31.png
Any idea what settings are wrong, or alternatively, which files/folders I need to restore from backintime or timeshift to get it back to normal?

EDIT - tried on another laptop that I hadn't been messing around with and the results with xed were the same as above - displays text the wrong way round on what appears to be an A4 portrait page. So it's not me!
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