Random system freezes (Nemo/MTP/anything related?)

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Random system freezes (Nemo/MTP/anything related?)

Post by wifon » Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:12 pm

Recently, I've encourted some serious random system freezes, by that I mean - system completly freezes, with no reaction of input devices and sound system loops something like half a second (anything what is buffer?). Few times I've even wait for like 10 minutes and nothing...

It first happened a few days ago, after I've connected my phone for the first time as an Android MTP device. Not "just after connected", but "some time ago, during the session". Never experienced anything like that before (never needed to use mtp). After it stareted to happen, seen no freezes if phone (mtp device) wasn't connected during the session before.

The "freeze" I describe, happens in so random moments, I can't even start of thinking of what may be the reason. It happend after doing all those, yet: sometimes (most times) these actions below went well...
  • copying file by drag & drop from quodlibet to folder on mtp device
    doing nothing, but with mtp device connected
    doing nothing, after mtp device connected and several files copied
    after I've copied some files to mtp device, disconnected it, and then just after I've opened a new tab in Chromium
May I look for some software failure, or hardware failure? How?
In case of hardware, I've already tried different USB ports on PC (no luck), can't check different cables (don't have ones - it's USB-C and only have one of them) or different ports on phone (obvious, I think)

Just to tell you how I have no reason, half an hour ago I've booted PC, connected phone, copied two FLACes, opened Chromium browser. Nothing else done. Total freeze.
Disconnect phone, hard reboot, login, reconnect phone, copy several files, still connected, Chromium opened with a few tabs, qBittorrent started... An hour and it's fine.

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