[Solved, Workaround found] Chromium browser always crashes!

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Re: [Solved, Workaround found] Chromium browser always crashes!

Post by DAMIEN1307 »

There is another reason why some of these chromium/chrome based browsers may be crashing/freezing as well.

It is a program called "preload" that is a "runtime" type of daemon that is using root priviledges that preloads programs/apps etc into Ram and can also be taxing of CPUs...It has been said that i may also be effecting boot times as well because of these reasons.

If any of you here have this installed and are suffering these problems, you may want to consider uninstalling it.

To my knowledge, this program is not a default installation in any of the Linux Mint or Peppermint distros but may be in others such as "Elementary" OS...DAMIEN

https://askubuntu.com/questions/110335/ ... by-default

EDIT...One statement caught my eye in this article.
First, Google Chrome. Now a browser is opened only once per boot, maybe twice (for me, I am a web developer). Chrome and its related libraries stay in memory because I am always using it. Even when I close all the chrome windows it's still in the background doing its thing. Thus all the ram dedicated to holding a preload copy of Chrome is a total and utter waste. It's never (or rarely) unloaded. For the average user this is true for a great number of applications. A Office user will almost always have their email app open. So the small savings in startup time is completely wasted because they only open their email app once a day, and leave it open.

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