Cinnamon crashes after update

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Cinnamon crashes after update

Post by birkopf »

Hi all,

My cinnamon crashes after update to latest version. This is caused by applets... but I removed all applets except of system standard applets and it still crashes. Does anyone have similar issues ?
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Re: Cinnamon crashes after update

Post by xenopeek »

When you say 'crashes' do you mean immediately after login or at some later time?

I'd suggest to create a new user account and try logging in with that. If that works fine, something is stuck in your own account that causes a problem.

If you can't get to a functioning desktop you can from the login screen switch to virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. Login as yourself then run sudo adduser username (replacing 'username' with the login name you want for the new user account) to create a new user account and set a password for it. If you also want this user to be a administration run sudo usermod -aG sudo username afterwards.

With the new user account created switch back to the login screen with Ctrl+Alt+F7 or maybe Ctrl+Alt+F8 and you should be able to login as the new user to test that.
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