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[SOLVED] Wish to manage & sync podcasts to device

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:49 am
by Second Round

Coming from W7 and Media Monkey environment, and I listen to podcasts often on a Sansa Clip Jam* MP3 player. Having a hard time finding a good program to manage podcasts and sync to my MP3 player.

[*UPDATE: my Clip Jam appears to have died for good a few hours after I posted this! Not sure I'll replace it - have to see what is on the market these days. I probably could get by syncing to my LG (Android) phone, but I do like the small form factor and the clip. Have had an ipod shuffle in the past as well. Maybe with a phone I just download via wifi instead. IDK.]

Mostly, I just want to get the latest episode (via RSS feed or URL), copy it to the player, and delete the prior one (both on the computer and player). None of my podcasts require login/password for subscription.

I've tried the following:

just as a player on my PC, over half the time it won't do anything when I choose play for a downloaded episode. [used to be no error message, but now I'm getting "Error Opening Player" - check player in preferences ... which I've done and tried default and all specific options]

Other issues: wants to download hundreds of episodes - can't seen to set max to less than 100. Sync to device appears to do nothing.

apparently doesn't see my MP3 player, so no syncing
Seems to just stream episodes rather than downloading them to MP3. So nothing to sync anyway I guess. At least it streams reliably.

apparently doesn't see my MP3 player, so no syncing. Though I see in the helpfile that adding an empty file to the top-level folder of the device named .is_audio_player may help it find the device.
can't find control to limit number of episodes downloaded. Again, just want it to delete older episodes (perhaps with confirmation, in case I get behind) and add the most recent one.

File Manager

extremely slow to read Clip Jam folders, to the point that copy/paste is impractical. Maybe I need to reboot, because not infrequently I find even Xed freezing, and that seems crazy, because it's just a text editor. Makes me wonder if there's a memory management problem.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

[SOLVED] Re: Wish to manage & sync podcasts to device

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:56 pm
by Second Round
Just an update for anyone else who may have a similar issue. Marking as solved for now but still open to feedback if there's a better solution.

For now, I have found that gpodder may be good enough for downloading and updating podcasts. I've not figured out how to use it for syncing though - nor for playing. Once in awhile I'll click play and it will call up Celluloid and play the chosen podcast. Most of time, however, clicking play does nothing.

However, since I've had decent luck with having it manage podcasts subscriptions and maintain a directory of such, I have found that I can copy the gpodder/downloads folder en masse to a phone or e-reader (under the "music" folder for the latter) and use those "to go". I may have to manually delete old episodes on the device (or delete the entire tree and just copy over the updated tree from the computer), but bottom line is, it works, it's functional, if not elegant.

I think I was able to wrangle gpodder's excessive downloading by marking the long list of episodes it called up as "old" - it doesn't call them up any longer.

Have not checked VLC or rhythmbox to see if they recognize my phone or Kindle for syncing. The latter can be thought of as the world's largest mp3 player! But battery life for just playing mp3 with the screen off appears to be over 30 hours!

Anyway, although I'm not yet at the well-oiled machine that my Media Monkey setup had been, It's sufficient for now, and with more exploration maybe I can improve it further.