rsync creates 0 byte files in destination

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rsync creates 0 byte files in destination

Post by IanT »

I have an rsync script set up to keep my music library synced between my PC and my Android phone. It will copy MP3 files with no problem, but any M3U playlist files, which are just small text files, it will create in the destination as a 0 byte file. Weirdly, it seems to be the file extension that it doesn't like. If I change the extension on a .m3u file to anything else, like .txt or .old or .bak, it copies fine, no problems. It also takes a VERY long time to process the M3U files, way longer than would be necessary for a small file, like five seconds each.

I can manually copy M3U files to the phone with no problem.

I tried pointing the sync destination to a local temp folder, and everything copied over fine, it only seems to be a problem when syncing to my Android phone.

Any thoughts on this weird one? What is it about the m3u file extension?
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Re: rsync creates 0 byte files in destination

Post by kuifje09 »

Maybe not the answer you are looking for, but there seems to be a lot of people with M3U problems like you have.

Would convert the playlist into another type, say pls , solve the problem ?

I must add, I am not familiar to this problem, I always copied the playlists by hand... but yes, many problems copying M3U. very strange.
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