mintbackup logfiles available

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mintbackup logfiles available

Post by kuifje09 »

I tried to make a backup using "backup tool" not knowing it was mintbackup, which is broken.

However it did a lot of work and even wrote a lot of data to my remote system.

After some time it stoped while failed.

Now I want to look into some log-files but cannot find any?

Point is, there is writen a lot of data during the backup on both systems ! , but I cannot discover what has been going on.
There is some space vanished..... which I will recover.
FSCK did not recover anything.

At the source system, some 55 Kb is written somwhere, but for me it is searching for the needle in the heystack
At the remote system the amount is not known, but a lot was written en send back too ? a bit ugly...

Any help is welcome.

I already scanned logfiles, did find for newer files or files bigger then etc... but it did not give me what I am looking for.
Even don't know what I am looking for...
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