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Post by skooter1121 »

Just tried to install Cyberghost on Mint MATE 19.1.
I've searched all the other Cyberghost posts but nothing seems appropriate.
Install sez it is for Mint 19.2. How to get from 19.1 to 19.2? (relative newbie) Update shows 19.3 available?

Here's the command line info for the install:

steve2@steve2-Satellite-L645:~$ cd ~/Desktop
steve2@steve2-Satellite-L645:~/Desktop$ chmod +x
steve2@steve2-Satellite-L645:~/Desktop$ sh ./
./ 4: [: Illegal number:
[sudo] password for steve2:
CyberGhost Installer ...

No LSB modules are available.
Checking if glibc version is compatible
./ 31: [: 19.1: unexpected operator
./ 44: [: 19.1: unexpected operator
./ 44: [: LinuxMint: unexpected operator
./ 57: [: 19.1: unexpected operator
./ 69: [: LinuxMint: unexpected operator
./ 69: [: 19.1: unexpected operator
Couldn't detect a valid version of your distribution.
Make sure you have downloaded the correct install package for your distribution
Note: We support only the following distributions for Debian based OS:

-Ubuntu 16.04
-Ubuntu 18.04
-Ubuntu 19.04
-Ubuntu 19.10
-Linux Mint 19.2
-PopOS 19.10
-Kali 2019/2020 (glibc version should be 2.29 in order to work)
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Re: Cyberghost

Post by Joe2Shoe »

I have been using Cyberghost for around 10 years. Cyberghost has an installation package for Linux, BUT, after running hoops for 2 weeks, I gave up.
Too many errors, etc.......
So, now, I just logon to Cyberghost and go from there.
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