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what would block an executable file?

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 6:14 pm
by qhris
I had to reinstall LinuxMint due to a self inflicted error.I had attempted to install a win 7 on a separate HD and somehow it messed up the grub and boot system. As I tried to repair the grub with timeshift, things snowballed downward from there.
After the reinstall I had a hard time to install my hp mfc 1217 printer and scanner. A help tip at Ubuntu was to change a setting with appamor to allow the plugin to be installed. After that is when I had a problem running an executable file.
Could there be a setting in appamor that needs to be changed? I do not know anything about the appamor and I always left it with default settings as it was installed. I do not remember the code that was given on the help suggestions, and I have since reformated, erased and reformated the sda drive before reinstalling the Linux Mint cinn 19.3 OS.