gpg keyring causes torlauncher to hang

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gpg keyring causes torlauncher to hang

Post by Minty_64 »

okay so I launched torbrowser-launcher when I first installed and usually it would start within a few seconds however after some use (and adding additional repositories) I have noticed torbrowser-launcher takes forever.

about the only advice I have seen on the internet is to download tor from their website however I'm looking for a solution to get the launcher and tor to be working correctly as should.

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:~$ torbrowser-launcher 
Tor Browser Launcher
By Micah Lee, licensed under MIT
version 0.2.9
Refreshing local keyring...
I noticed it hanging around here and while in terminal nothing is happening the gpg process can and sometimes has eaten up my cpu.

I'm thinking of disabling my repositories temporarily to run tor and I would love to hear and discuss any alternatives other then downloading from the website.
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