libseccomp update breaks nvidia driver

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libseccomp update breaks nvidia driver

Post by UrbanSatyr »

Last night I had updated a few programs and went to bed. This morning my OS only boots into limited graphics, says my graphics drivers aren't installed, and registers my screen as a laptop for some reason. Switching drivers in the manager does nothing, both nvidia and noveau. Sometimes it won't even list any graphics drivers at all in the driver manager. I have to purge nvidia* to get it to boot into noveau driver. Which then shows the drivers list again. Trying to reinstall any nvidia driver just breaks all over again and back to square one. I had a Timeshift snapshot from a few days ago so I loaded that to get working again. There were a dozen or so updates so I went one by one installing each update and restarting the system between to narrow down which are the culprit. There was an nvidia update, systemd, python, and some security updates. I thought for sure it was one of the first two but they updated no problem. libseccomp version 2.4.3-1ubuntu3.20.04.3 turned out to be the culprit. I'm not too familiar with this file so does anyone know why this would break my graphics driver? (I'm running Mint 20 Cinnamon with nvidia driver 440.100, 5.4.0-42 kernel.) I've made a snapshot with everything but this program updated so I can tinker with things if anyone has an idea to fix it.
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Re: libseccomp update breaks nvidia driver

Post by SMG »

Did you do a fresh install or was it an upgrade? There is an interaction between the graphics driver and the kernel and other parts of the system, so there are several places where "glitches" might happen.

If you go to this post and scroll to the section in big blue letters - Mint 20 Nvidia Driver Installation Update:, you will see roblm states, In Mint 20, as in previous versions, Driver Manager cannot remove an installed Nvidia driver completely. Also the command apt purge nvidia* will not work as it did in previous versions. Use the command apt remove nvidia-driver-450 (substitute 450 for the correct driver version) and then apt autoremove. Reboot.

Depending upon how you installed or changed graphics drivers, there may be bits and parts left where they are causing problems.

If the above advice does not help, please give us information about your install by entering this command in a terminal:

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inxi -Fxxxrz
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