LM18.3 Shenanigans - Frequent Freezes & Cinnamon Keeps Crashing

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LM18.3 Shenanigans - Frequent Freezes & Cinnamon Keeps Crashing

Post by MintDude2013 »

Hi there:

I have a 2009 HP Compaq 8000 Elite CMT machine with a 500Gb SSD (besides 3 additional HDDs), an Intel Pentium E8400 3.0GHz Dual Core CPU, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GT 630 graphics card and LM18.3 x64 installed.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I installed it the umpteenth times :( which went without a hitch including creating the Swap partition. And although the issues I had previously didn't rear their ugly head I'm now having other problems... :shock:. Before installing LM18.3 this time I made sure I formatted the Linux partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro (in Win 7) so nothing would be left from the previous installation.

Here are the issues I'm dealing with right now:
- 3 times I got the cheerful message "Cinnamon 3.6.7 just crashed.."
- Since that latest install LM18.3 x64 has frozen every day (with the exception of one day). When this happens the mouse is still working though nothing else. It also looks like these freezes only happen when I'm way from the PC for a while (like at least 30 min.). And once I noticed that right before LM froze the monitor went black.

Which Terminal command should I run to help you help me figure this one out?

Last but not least, "Nemo" 3.6.5 is still not sorting by "Date Modified" :evil:. What can I do to get this wayward guy to conform to my wishes? I would like "Nemo" to sort some of the files and folders on the 4 hard drives (besides the SSD) by "Date Modified" instead of by "Name". Going from "Edit" (in the left upper corner) to the small window which then opens named "File Management Preferences" and there to "Default View", etc. does allow me to modify the "Default View" and have the items arranged "By Modification Date" (instead of "By Name"). Unfortunately, the files and folders are still sorted by name and not by modification date after clicking "Close"!

Many thanks!

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