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catalog audio books

Post by waynus »

I love Calibre works well on all platforms.

What I am looking for is a program to organise and catalog audio book files.

What do you use?
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Re: catalog audio books

Post by RIH »

I will be interested in any positive replies also, as I haven't managed to find anything that worked successfully.

I tried using Calibre by using VLC to create a playlist of a book & then adding that as a book.
It worked, but was cumbersome & didn't really achieve what I wanted.

I also tried using Cozy

Which is really an album cataloguer.
It works...but it did require a great deal of metadata manipulation in order to get it near what I wanted.
I used EasyTAG

to do that..

So a method that worked easily would be most welcome!!
Hoser Rob
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Re: catalog audio books

Post by Hoser Rob »

There don't seem to be many options, not just for Linux. I did find this, haven't tried it, I'd try the appimage myself (look up how to make an appimage executable):
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