How do I make a desktop shortcut?

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How do I make a desktop shortcut?

Post by llmunro »

Hi forum!

I've downloaded the 64 bit Linux version of the ClickUp desktop app. It appears to be installed and I can run it by double clicking on it but the file (an AppImage file?)
Screenshot from 2020-10-21 09-55-29.png
Screenshot from 2020-10-21 09-55-29.png (22.92 KiB) Viewed 153 times
is in my Downloads folder and I don't know how to make a shortcut for it on the launcher (which would be handy). How do I move it to where it should be and make a shortcut?

Thank you!!
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Re: How do I make a desktop shortcut?

Post by pebcak »

I have my appimages in /Applications/Appimages in the home directory. Then I create a desktop shortcut for them by right-clicking on the menu icon on the panel, go to menu tab and then open the menu editor. I choose a category and then add new item. Then I give it a name and in the command field I will give the full path to the appimage.
Edit: this is in Cinnamon
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Re: How do I make a desktop shortcut?

Post by all41 »

If you right-click an empty spot on your desktop you will get an option to create a launcher (same as shown above)
Give it a name. In the command field choose Browse and navigate to the Appimage. You will be prompted to add the launcher to the menu.
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Re: How do I make a desktop shortcut?

Post by mikeflan »

You can also create a shortcut by holding Ctrl and Shift, and dragging the application / file / folder to where you want the shortcut, and unclicking.
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