Problems uploading images to ebay and photobucket

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Problems uploading images to ebay and photobucket

Postby mort » Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:01 am

Well here I am again... Another phone call from one of my Mint converted friends and a fruitless Mint Forum and Google search later and I can't seem to find the answers :( So here we go :)

Mint 7 install (dual boot with WinXP) on a P4 Compaq Desktop... Running flawlessly and even better than my Mint XFCE Laptop... User is a big Ebay buyer/seller... up until 4 days ago no probs... then the upload option for images died... The box comes up but no images other than downloaded internet images will show in the box... The same happens with photobucket...

Instructed user to clear cookies, cache etc... nope
Instructed user to install Opera... nope
Instructed user to boot into XP and try IE... success (damn, there goes my duff internet connection theory :!: )

A phone call to Ebay got our User nowhere... They said they'd pass it on to the tech department... that was three days ago and they haven't been in contact (apparently this is all too common with Ebay :roll: ) Support for Firefox on Linux whilst using Ebay is a big flop it seems :?

I can't get to the Users computer because my baby son and partner aren't well and I'm a tad busy... :shock:

Any help, suggestions, links or Voodoo exorcism spells gratefully received :wink:

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Re: Problems uploading images to ebay and photobucket

Postby lagagnon » Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:46 am

Try "UserAgentSwitcher" in Firefox:

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