Software for local Backups (local dropbox)?

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Software for local Backups (local dropbox)?

Post by neo21 »

I was just wondering whether there is a software that lets you backup/sync files locally like the infamous dropbox service?

I am thinking of the following setup: 1 internal hard drive and 1 external one (that will be switched every week with a second one). A configurable service shopuld run in the background and syncs files of watched folders on the internal hard drive to the external. Best case solution would also provide automatic version control of the synced files and a gui for the online service of

Any ideas, tips, suggestions? thanks.

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Re: Software for local Backups (local dropbox)?

Post by Locuust »

I'm guessing here but it sounds like you want the simple interface that dropbox supposedly provides (never used it) but don't want to backup online. Because there is a linux version of dropbox it seems. Personally I'd never backup to a online service. I had the son of the owner of my previous workplace ask me if I wanted to use his friends online backup service and I just laughed in his face. Pissed him off but the owner got a chuckle out of it. But I digress.

Personally I've just started using linux and have just been getting my hands dirty at the terminal to do backups. I'm sure there is a decent package out there. Try this - ... cs-t2.html

Never used it but it's been suggested to me before. Otherwise searching on backup in the package manager gives you a few options. Search on google to check out the details of each and see if any are for you. Or I suppose you could just search for linux backup and see what you get.

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