iPod and LM

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iPod and LM

Postby Mockstairwell » Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:37 pm

I have a 160gb Classic 6g iPod and I tried using it with RhythmBox. I dragged one album onto the iPod, and the next time when I tried to listen to it, the iPod said it had no music on it, while it also said that 60gb of it was taken up(which it was). Other people with similar problems said it was because of linux, and that I would need to use it with Windows or Mac. I tried using iTunes on another computer to reset it to factory settings, but iTunes couldn't recognize it. The computer, though, could recognize it and other programs could read the songs. However, Apple only made it so that only iTunes could be used to reset it appropriately.

Then, I tried formatting it on the Linux computer, and it worked. However, the iTunes on the other pc still couldn't recognize it. Songbird and Amarok do the same thing, while RhythmBox recognizes it but isn't able to initialize it, saying: "Problem creating iPod directory or file: '/media/New Volume/Photos/Thumbs'."

FYI I'm not fluent in high-tech-computer-speak(relatively), but I can usually find my way around. Someone please try to help me out.

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Re: iPod and LM

Postby Husse » Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:03 am

I just made this topic sticky - hope it helps
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