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Post by mastaxtian » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:47 pm

hi, I am fairly new in ubuntu and I've installed helena yesterday and its taking forever to download updates and packages... i used to run karmic koala before and the speed was lightning fast here in Taiwan. I do realize that my closest server is the one in Japan which should at least provide a 50kb/s download speed but it isnt, it gives me 10kb/s max... Since mint is ubuntu based and when i downloaded the ISO it was from Taiwan's ftp i assumed that updating would work like always (lightning fast) but its like im back on dial up :( my question is, how can i add the karmic koala mirrors to linux mint so that uses Taiwan's ftp and not Japans?? thanks!

this is the repository i used for karmic and i want to add it to mint. so that in the download locations that repository appears as a download location! thanks!!

I figured it out, it seems that the "download from" stops being your preferred download location if you manually edit the repositories that are included, in my case i wanted to download gnome games (checkers, blackjack etc) and my "best" download location was in Japan which was extremely slow, so in the synaptic manager i went to settings/repositories/other software. since mint is based on ubuntu, mint 8 has ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala's repositories set as a source. so heres what i did:

1. click ubuntu 9.10 and then click edit. where the URI is, it said which is ubuntu's world main server i guess, so i typed "tw." before archive so that it would go to Taiwans main server.
2.did the same for the recommended updates repository below

when updating using the update manager, I rebooted and now my splash is karmic koalas splash but theres a fix to change the boot splash here

hope this helps mint users who experience this same slow repository issue because I was about erase mint, which i was loving cause the whole interface which rocks!
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Post by vincent » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:59 pm

Well, actually, Mint uses Ubuntu repositories as well, in addition to Mint's own repos. Maybe your internet just happens to be a bit slower at this precise moment, and there's a lot of traffic around you?

If you want to search for a faster repository, open up Synaptic Package Manager, go to Settings > Repositories, click the "download from" section, select "other", and click "select best server". Synaptic should then fetch the fastest repository for you depending on your location.
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Post by Missed » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:28 am

Ha, I never knew that! Many thanks.

Sorry for the hijack! :oops:

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