Search for Files BROKEN!

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Search for Files BROKEN!

Post by markosjal »

It appears that search for files may be broken. I enter a known filename on my local hard drive under my home/user/downloads directory and it does not find it!

I would say that is BROKEN!

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Re: Search for Files BROKEN!

Post by Biker »

Doubtful, otherwise there'd be a lot more posts complaining about the same thing.

Of course, you provide little information regarding the issue as well. Let's start off by reading the Red Section at the top of this page, and following the recommended guidelines for requesting assistance regarding issues.
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Re: Search for Files BROKEN!

Post by Kaye »

Works for me. Have you changed anything that could be affecting the search? Or are you perhaps not executing the search correctly? Also, what version of Mint are you using, etc. We need much more information.
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