Help me with my endless search for a Cedega key...

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Peter Witteveen
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Help me with my endless search for a Cedega key...

Postby Peter Witteveen » Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:25 pm

Hi fellow mint users...

I began using linux because windows made me puke. But I am still stucked with it because my precious games run only on windows. I know there is wine, but this doesn't run win games. The only company that makes software to run games on linux (Cedega) is transgaming, but those folks charge a lot of money for it, and because of those nutters nobody else takes the trouble of making decent emulation software for games on linux. So i want a Cedega key for the latest version

I have turned the entire internet upside down to find a Cedega key, without any results, and i really need help here! as soon as i can game on linux i can create some disk space by erasing windows. (i would do it with love).

Can anyone tell me where to get Cedega keys, or give me one? i am really desperate. I CAN'T AFFORD $ 5,- A MONTH!! and I don't like to pay for software that should be FREE, come on, it is linux right? ;)

Every help is greatly appreciated!!

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Postby Husse » Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:32 pm

We don't support software piracy
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