How to install xnee on linux mint 9?

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How to install xnee on linux mint 9?

Post by Matt0 »

hey guys, im a newbie to linux, and i dont understand how to install and use xnee (a macro recording software). i downloaded it via the software manager, and now i cant seem to figure out how to run it. any help?


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Re: How to install xnee on linux mint 9?

Post by RedWagon »

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verdow@techcage-07 ~ $ apt-cache search xnee
cnee - X event recorder/replayer - command-line flavor
gnee - X event recorder/replayer - GUI flavor
libxnee-dbg - X event recorder/replayer - debugging symbols
libxnee-dev - X event recorder/replayer - development files
libxnee0 - X event recorder/replayer - library
pnee - X event recorder/replayer - GNOME panel applet
xnee - X event recorder/replayer - metapackage
xnee-doc - X event recorder/replayer - documentation
verdow@techcage-07 ~ $ 
xnee is just the base program, to be able to use it you need to install cnee, gnee, or pnee. Gnee will probably be the easiest to use.

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