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How to Repair or Uninstall Mint

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:14 pm
by Discofever
Iam new to the forums. I searched and could not find an answer in the forums. Iam hoping someone can help me. I have a dual boot machine. Windows 7/ Ubuntu 10.10. I read about linux mint and decide to download it. I installed it. It worked fine for about two days. The problem is that now, it will boot up but the terminal and the menu's do no work. in its place are just multi colored boxes (windows). I would like to either repair this somehow or delete Mint without removing my Ubuntu. any help is appreciated. Thank's

Re: How to Repair or Uninstall Mint

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:52 am
by MrCleanWithHair
Well the easiest way to repair mint would be to do a fresh install of it. I would verify the md5sum of the image before installing again.

If you want to remove Mint, boot into Ubuntu and delete the files on the partition for mint. Then update grub.

Don't reboot your computer after deleting all the files for Mint without updating grub, or you'll need to repair grub.

Boot from a live cd and use gparted to extend the partition or do whatever you want to do.