Adobe Flash Player Plug In: Not Installed

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Adobe Flash Player Plug In: Not Installed

Post by Branta »

Installed: linuxmint-11-gnome-dvd-64bit.iso || Firefox 5.0 || Chromium 12.0.742.91

In the Software Manager I have installed Flashplugin-installer.

Installed Googleearth. When I click on a Youtube icon I get this error message:

Viewing this content requires Adobe Flash Player. I select Ubuntu versuion but it does not install using either FF or Chromium.

The error message continues:

Would you like to Install Adobe Flash Player (LINK) now?

Nothing happens when I click on the LINK and select the Ubuntu link.

What do I do to install the flash player plug in so it works in Googleearth?

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Re: Adobe Flash Player Plug In: Not Installed

Post by DarkRubySage »

That's a bit weird. Maybe purge it in synaptic(search it up in Synaptic, then click the box and click completely remove), then go to Adobe's site and download the right version again. See what happens.
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Re: Adobe Flash Player Plug In: Not Installed

Post by TBABill »

Or you can open Firefox, go to ... flash-aid/ and install Flash Aid plugin, then just click it and let it run once. It'll replace your Flash with the very latest from Adobe and every time you open Firefox it will check to make sure you have the latest, or it will offer you the latest to install. Very simple and it cares for everything, including making sure you have 64 bit Flash if you are using 64 bit Mint, or leaving you on 32 bit if using 32 bit Mint.
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