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AptOnCD iso

Post by Notna888 »


Basically my question is this, can you add the image of an aptoncd disk to synaptic, I have a computer without a CD drive and the only thing stopping me from changing it from the dreaded windows is the fact that I can't make it the same as my other computer I am currently am on now, I managed to boot the iso of LM11 Gnome on a usb drive using a little app called multiboot.

I've also tried making my own custom edition using remastersys, but that has failed time and time again, but that's probably my newb like approach to the program and video drivers

anywho, any help is greatly appreciated
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Pilosopong Tasyo
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Re: AptOnCD iso

Post by Pilosopong Tasyo »

AFAIK, the Add CD-ROM... command (from the Synaptic Edit menu) expects a physical CD-ROM drive to be present. Your other computer doesn't have any, so what you want is not going to work.

I think a better approach is for you to use the same tool for the job. You used AptOnCD to generate the .iso file. Just copy the .iso to the other computer you want to update and use AptOnCD to restore the packages from the .iso file to the target computer's apt cache folder. Then run Synaptic, mark the packages you want to install, and apply. Synaptic will skip downloading the packages from the repositories. Instead, it will immediately start installing the packages (via the cache folder).

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Re: AptOnCD iso

Post by emmfranklin »


i had the same problem

could not restore from an iso file . it seems it will only accept a burned cd .Even i did not have any dvd/cd to burn .

after searching from the net

found out this solution

For AptonCd to able to look for iso files.

we need to install Hal.

Without Hal you will only be able to locate a cdrom and not any iso file ..


installing hal has been removed from synaptic. Meaning apparently not possible to install hal

but this is how we install Hal

Open terminal and paste the following

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjblenner/ppa-hal


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install hal


once installation is finished

now try aptoncd
press load

and you will see the open file dialog box

locate your iso file

P.S .. Hal also solves some other unrelated problem coming from fluendo.
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