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Dataease alternative

Post by rob2uk »

Evening all! :)

My mother works for a charity that has approx. 10 workstations and 5 laptops running Windows XP. The main use of their PCs is for a database program called DataEase.

The version of DataEase that they use was released in the mid 80s (yes, really!). Obviously, it's an MS-DOS app, and is very basic.

Being a charity, they do not have the funds to update their software, so I'm looking at migrating them to Linux (specifically Linux Mint), as that way I will be able to provide tech support.

Obviously their office app needs are catered for by LibreOffice (or possibly OpenOffice, as that's what they currently use). The only stumbling block is that whatever database software I migrate them to needs to be able to open the data files from DataEase.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Dataease alternative

Post by richyrich »

Only a suggestion . .

DataEase -> export . .(csv ?)
import -> new mySQL database running on Linux.
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Re: Dataease alternative

Post by RussellEngland »

I can do that but will expect a lot of Kudos ;)

Email me a zip of the data directory and I will export a mysql datadump or a bunch of csvs - up to you.

I have a lot of experience converting datahard, sorry dataease to SQL.

Then you will need to develop a system around the data. I can do that bit for you but I would need to charge you for it.

But I will convert the data for free...... for a mention......

Cheers, Russ
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Re: Dataease alternative

Post by DataMan »

Basic question, is DataEase broken or marginalized?

If not, my recommendation is to leave well enough alone until they need (as in increase in database structure) an upgrade.

You may be headed down a path of numerous issues as you attempt to do a re-gateway from another engine into DataEase in a real time environment.

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