where are the flv files from youtube

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where are the flv files from youtube

Post by karuga »

the reason for having /tmp is to hold temporary files. If i play an flv from you-tube fully,why is it not stored in /tmp? Where are these flv's stored? am on Katya.

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Re: where are the flv files from youtube

Post by xenopeek »

I'm not sure the newer Firefox versions still do this. But, it used to work if you enabled the disk cache and moved it to /tmp (it isn't there by default).

In Firefox do Alt+D and go to address: about:config. Accept the warning and continue. Right-click on empty space, New -> String.
- Name: browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
- Value: /tmp

Also check that if you filter on browser.cache.disk, that it is enabled and has a good amount of size configured.

Else you may try one of the video download helper add-ons.

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