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GUI freezes after idle for few minutes

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:32 am
by vivian.j
Im using Mint 12 64bit, and my problem is, its like the whole GUI component of my computer freezes after i left it for like 20mins. I can still move the mouse cursor around, but nothing responds to my click, not even alt+f2, ctrl+alt+t, or even the shortkey that i assigned to xkill, the gnome menu does not appear when i hover the mouse to the corner, etc. basically, nothing responds to my keyboard/mouse, this happened twice today, both are after i left it for like 20mins, it shows the lock-screen/scrensaver, and when i move the mouse cursor, it goes back to the main desktop, but nothing is responding. both happens when im running chromium and banshee playing music in the background, the music is still playing though, i had to ctrl-alt-f1, and restart my computer from there to use my computer again.

my laptop is running on AMD Athlon 64, with ATI Mobility HD4570, but i didnt install the restricted driver (because it screws up my fresh installation when i did last time),

what can i do to fix this? or is there anyway for me to get it respond again without restarting the the whole computer?

UPDATE: seems like it doesnt necessarily had anything to do with the idle state/lockscreen, i just experienced it again,this time when i was configuring xchat, same thing happen, but this time i can switch workscreen and use my xkill hotkey to close one of the windows, but not the rest. and also, when i alt-tab, the switch-window panel appeared, but it doesnt seems to respond to anything, it just stayed there and doesnt close it self when i released alt-tab, and it doesnt actually switch the window either, but when it changes its focus when my mouse cursor hover over it.
applications running this time: xchat, banshee, chromium, terminal, gedit
i think its the same problem, the first time i had this was more or less like this, almost non-responsive GUI, but the music is still playing.

Re: GUI freezes after idle for few minutes

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:25 am
by lmintnewb
Have no idea what LM12's layout is. But something you could try, assuming the Mint menu and control center are about the same, or at least present and accounted for. Might try looking around in control center for summin like power management and similar. Wherever you can set the controls for the screensaver, set it to never go into hibernate/suspend when inactive. Also look around for the one about locking the screen when idle for x mins and make sure it's set to never lock the screen when your pc is idle.

Can't really be more precise than that. Only telling you what I'd likely do to try to resolve that. Hopefully someone more familiar with the LM12 layout can give you a better idea where the controls for this are. Or spend some time exploring the control center icons, doubt it'd be all that hard to find either way.

Re: GUI freezes after idle for few minutes

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:04 am
by vivian.j
already did that for now, its under System Settings - Screen
im just looking for some ways to get out of that situation in case it happens in other situation, because i just installed linux mint yesterday, so im not sure that is the only trigger,

locking the screen manually doesnt causes me any problem though...

Re: GUI freezes after idle for few minutes

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:13 pm
by dynaweb
I get the same thing. I am on latest LMDE on thumb drive. Any ideas?