Firefox : strange behaviour (extensions & flash)

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Firefox : strange behaviour (extensions & flash)

Post by torturedutopian » Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:54 am

Hi everyone !

I just switched from Arch Linux back to Mint. I have everything very clean (blank homedir), and just disabled the Mint Gnome-Shell extensions as I got used to Gnome Shell. (also the Music extension crashed the shell frequently)

Everything works great apart from Firefox which is really behaving strangely. I tried with a blank .mozilla drawer : same result.

For instance :

1) Very frequently, Flash applets do not work at all (don't appear at all on the page). After restarting it usually works. Never happened before. The mint-flashplugin is obviously installed and shown properly in "about:plugins".

2) Some options are not taken into account. For instance, even if I tick "do not ask next time" when closing multiple tabs, and even if the right option is set in the preferences, it'll ask again each time if I want to exit / save my tabs.

3) some extensions don't seem to work. For instance "download in tab" is installed and set properly but FF still opens a download windows.

I tried with both a blank mozilla directory and with my previous install : both show the same strange behaviour.

Does any of you have any idea what might be wrong ?

Cheers !

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Re: Firefox : strange behaviour (extensions & flash)

Post by anjpr » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:14 pm

I can confirm this. Firefox always ask if it's ok to close multiple tabs even when this option is disabled in preferences. In addition, Firefox always open tabs from the last session even if the option is set to: show my home page.

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